What is matched betting?

What is oddsmatching software?

If you have done any kind of research into matched betting, then you will almost certainly of heard of oddsmatching software.

One of the most popular sites is Oddsmonkey.

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If you have already read the previous three guides, you will know that the aim to completing a matched bet is to find the closest odds you can between the bookmaker and the exchange (i.e Betfair, Smarkets).

What oddsmatching software can do for us is find hundreds of close matches across the bookmakers and exchanges a lot quicker than we could ever search for manually.

If you are serious about making a good profit from matched betting, then I would definitely recommend checking these services out. 

OddsMonkey offers a free trial with no requirement for any credit card details, and will take you through two sign up offers with video tutorial walkthroughs whilst giving you access to the oddsmatching software for you to try out. 

The free trial will be more than enough to show you what you can achieve with matched betting using oddsmatching software and should give you the confidence to carry on with the rest of the sign up offers and figure out if you want full access to their services.

Oddsmonkey charges £17.99 a month, which believe me, can pay for itself tenfold with the amount of profit you are likely to make.

With the paid subscription you will have access to a whole range of services, including tons of sign up offers which is probably worth over £1000 alone.

They also have software that supports the more advanced strategies like extra place horses and accumulators – strategies that are explained in the advanced section.

Other features available with Oddsmonkey are:

  • Extra place matcher 
  • Each way matcher 
  • Tennis matcher 
  • Racing matcher
  • Accumulators
  • Dutch matcher
  • Advanced calculators
  • Casino offers
  • Loads of new sign up offers
  • Active forums 

Lets take a closer look:


Oddsmonkey offer a wide range of tools to assist us matched bettors. The main one that you’ll find yourself using will be the oddsmatcher, which as explained above will help you find those close matches in seconds.

Oddsmonkey is fantastic for beginners as it will walk you through all of the sign up offers (which there are tons of) and will show you exactly what to do with videos that you can follow step-by-step. This makes it a hell of a lot more easier as you can literally just follow what someone else is doing, along with the oddsmatcher which will help you search for those close odds.

What I love about Oddsmonkey in particular, is that their software is very tweakable to the individuals needs. For example: I have preset filters set up exclusively to search for 2UP and 14UP matches for Bet365 and Paddy Power; 2 Clear matches for William Hill horse racing offers; and the Paddy Power Free Bet Club qualifying matches to save me more time and fiddling about (see the advanced guides for more info). There is also the search function within the oddsmatcher, so if you’re looking to complete an offer on a particular race, you could type in “Cheltenham 14:10” and it will give you only the search results for that race. It’s because of features like this that Oddsmonkey is great for those who are more experienced with matched betting and want to take advantage of the more advanced techniques.

Oddsmonkey offer a free trial, without requiring any bank card details from you so there is absolutely no financial commitment required from you starting out. They will take you through two bookmaker sign up offers where you should make a profit of around £45. If you decide from there that you are impressed with the software and think you could take matched betting a little bit more seriously, then you can sign up for a full membership for £17.99 a month or £150 for the whole year, which gives you access to everything.

In the next guide we'll be having a look at how to keep track of all this money you'll be making....

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