Price Boosts

Price boosts are special prices offered by the bookmakers that give us higher odds than normal that we can make immediate guaranteed income from. This works in our favour as the price offered by the bookmaker will be higher than the odds we are able to get at the exchange.

Important! Please do not confuse this with Arbing. Price boosts are a promotion offered to us by the bookies and they are well aware of the fact that the price will be lower at the exchange. Arbing is when you find the price at the bookies higher than it should be and you take advantage before they have had a chance to correct it. This behaviour will lead you to being gubbed (stake restricted / banned) by the bookmaker very, very quickly. We do not want this as this prevents the longevity of matched betting.

Price Boost Example:

Skybet do a regular promotion every Saturday afternoon that a certain three teams will all win.

For example: Tottenham, Leeds and Bournemouth all to win at odds of 10.0 (9/1). The maximum stake is normally £10, however this will differ for each customer.

We can find the same market over at the exchange for a lower price (Betfair and Smarkets are the best exchanges for this type of market). For this example the price was 8.8.

If we have a look at the matched betting calculator, you can see that you would make an immediate, guaranteed profit of £1.16 from this offer.

Or if you want to take a more advantage play stance, you could use the advanced calculator and UNDERLAY your bet to either make a potential profit of £10.44 if the bet wins or breakeven if the bet loses.

A word of warning

Not all price boosts are guaranteed profit, always check the price at the exchange before placing any bets with the bookies and check that there is actually a lay market before placing your bets as well!

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