Horse racing for newbies

By popular demand I have written up a guide for getting started with horse racing when you’re a newbie.

You’ll see a lot of matched betting guides that will talk you through Extra Places, Each Way Arbing, “Covering the field”, all that kind of stuff. But all that can be really overwhelming when you’ve not yet made the transition from sign up offers, where you will be used to focusing mainly on the football matches.

This will hopefully act as a go-between guide for you, whilst introducing you to matched betting on the horses.

Why is horse racing more scary?

The horse racing markets can move a lot quicker than a high profile match, which means the odds movement will be a lot more volatile. This doesn’t make them impossible to bet on, it just means you need to have your wits about you a bit more and you need to move a little bit quicker. But once you get the hang of it, it will be second nature to you.

The tips I’ve outline below in this guide will hopefully help ease you into betting on the horses.

How can I make matched betting on horses easier?

If you havent already, I would strongly suggest you give Oddsmonkey a go. The oddsmatching software will make it so much easier to search for close odds, especially when the horse racing odds are moving so quickly. You also won’t have to mess about entering your figures into the calculator as it will all be done for you via the oddsmatcher.


Now for the 5 different horse racing offer that I think a newbie matched bettor should start with:

1. Free Bet Clubs

I have a full guide to the Free Bet Clubs, so be sure to check this out. The free bet clubs work like a Bet X Get Y offer, very similar to the sign up offers. So instead of using football matches as your qualifying bets, find close matches with low qualifying losses on the horse racing markets instead and at the end of the week you will be rewarded with a free bet.

2. Best Odds Guaranteed

Again, there is a whole guide on Best Odds Guaranteed. This offer plays along well with the Free Bet Clubs. When making your qualifying bets for the Free Bet Clubs with bets made on the horses, depending on the bookmaker, you should also be eligible for Best Odds Guaranteed. Make sure you read the guide in full, but the basic premise is, if the horse you have bet on wins the race and the odds have drifted by the time the race has started, the bookie will pay out at those higher odds. Meaning potentially big profits. 

3. William Hill Bet Boosts

If you have a William Hill account, then you should find that you have 3X horse racing bet boosts available to you every day (max £20).

miss matched betting bet boosts

To use these, find a close match on a horse using Oddsmonkey:

Make the selection over at William Hill and you will find that they will offer you enhanced odds that looks like this:

Enter these new odds into the calculator at Oddsmonkey and if the new enchanced odds are higher than at the exchange, you will be able to make an instant guaranteed profit.

You’ll notice that the guaranteed profit isn’t a life changing amount, this is due to the £20 max bet, however remember we will now be eligible for Best Odds Guaranteed which could mean potential big profits and we could also be eligible for 2 clear / High 5 (see tip number 7) on certain eligible races which could mean potential free bets.

4. Money back specials

There are a number of bookies that offer money back specials on certain races.

The main ones that come to mind are: Paddy Power, Sky Bet, William Hill and Ladbrokes.

These offers are normally along the lines of:
– Money back if a specific horse wins.
– Money back if your horse comes 2nd.

My normal approach to these are to search for close odds on Oddsmonkey using the filters tab and searching for that specific race in the search box (see pic below), take as small a qualifying loss as possible and then hope for the best.
Also, if its a “Money back if a specific horse that wins” offer – DO NOT bet on that horse, otherwise you won’t qualify.

This isn’t gambling, this is advantage play and they do come in more than you would think. Try not to take a qualifying loss of any more than £1.50 and again these can go towards qualifying for the Free Bet Clubs and Best Odds Guaranteed.


5. Coral - Free bet for every length

miss matched betting

If you place a £10+ bet on selected races at Coral and your horse wins, then they will give you a free bet to the value of the winning distance in lengths, up to a maximum £10 per race.

So for example, if your horse wins by 1 length you will receive a £1 free bet or if your horse wins by 10 lengths you will receive a £10 free bet. You get the idea.


These, in my opinion, are some of the best horse racing offers that are available to newbies. They will allow you to get comfortable betting on horses and seeing the potential profits to be made before embarking on the more advanced offers like Extra Places.

If you’ve got any more questions or any other horse racing offers that you’ve seen that aren’t listed above, then please get in touch. 

The best place to get a quick response from me is on Instagram (where I also do my best to bring you the latest offers in my Stories). Just shoot me a DM over there and I will get back to you as quick as I can.

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