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William Hill are running a very lucrative offer at the moment called Golden Goal, on selected football matches, normally announced a few days before said match.

This offer has proved to be very popular with matched bettors as the rewards can potentially be massive.

To use this offer, you may need access to the Early Payout Calculator which is available with the Oddsmonkey subscription service.


What is the Golden Goal?

The Golden Goal offer is triggered when you have a placed a bet on a team to win a football match (so not a draw or any other market) on an eligible game with William Hill.

If your chosen team scores the first goal within a match, but does not go on to win the match, William Hill will pay out your bet as a winner, up to £25 in cash.

Golden Goal Winnings

Golden Goal winnings will be paid as Cash, up to a maximum of £25 winnings (plus your stake, or proportion of stake, that qualified towards the winnings) per customer, per match.

  • If you stake £50 at 1.5, you will receive £75 as a Golden Goal cash amount (£25 winnings and your £50 stake)
  • If you stake £50 at 2.0, you will receive £50 as a Golden Goal cash amount (£25 maximum winnings, and £25 of your stake that qualified towards the winnings)
  • If you stake £50 at 3.5, you will receive £35 as a Golden Goal cash amount (£25 maximum winnings and £10 of your stake that qualified towards the winnings)

How can we make money from this?

There are three methods we can use to make money from this Golden Goal offer:

  1. Bet, Lay and Pray.
  2. Cash out during the match
  3. Guarantee profit before the match has begun.

Bet, Lay and Pray

This first method is the easiest and will return the highest pay out, but will probably occur less frequently.

You place a back bet at William Hill on your chosen team, lay the bet off at your preferred betting exchange for a low qualifying loss and pray that your chosen team scores the first goal of the match and goes on to not win the game (in other words, leave it alone).

To work out our back stake, we need to apply this formula:

Divide £25 by (Back Odds – 1) and then ideally round your stake to the nearest 5.

Real life example - Bet, Pray and Lay

miss matched betting william hill golden goal

Let’s say we’ve found close odds on the above game for Wolves to win.
William Hill back bet odds of 3.20 and I will make up lay odds of 3.30 at Smarkets for the sake of this example.

To work out the most suitable back bet, we would divide £50 by 2.20 (Back odds – 1) = £22.73.

We would round this down to £20 to avoid looking suspicious (i.e making it obvious I’m a matched bettor!).

Then we want to enter our stake, back odds, lay odds and our commission rate into the Matched Betting Calculator.

You can see from the calculator that our qualifying loss would be £0.88, this is the amount we would lose if Wolves were to either:
– Score the first goal of the match and go on to win.  
– Not score the first goal and win.
– Not score the first goal and not win.

However, if Wolves DO score the first goal and go on to NOT win the match, then we will make:
William Hill – £44
Betting exchange – £19.12

Cash Out During The Match

Using our real life example from above, if Wolves score the first goal of the match, you may decide that you want to lock in some profit.

This is where the Early Payout Calculator comes in.

Please note: This is not an early payout offer, William Hill will payout on a full turnaround by midday the next day.

When using the early payout calculator, be sure to enter £25 into the Max Winnings section of the calculator, as seen above.
Where it says “Has the bookmaker paid out early?”, we can select YES, enter the current exchange back odds, which will work out the back stake we need to place at the exchange to cash out.

If you are unsure of how to do this or how to cash a bet out at the exchange, then please check out the 2UP guide for more details on the early payout method.

We can see the profit breakdown below if we cash out:

We could lock in a profit of £29.44 if Wolves score the first goal of the match.


guarantee profit pre-match

We can lock in a small profit ahead of the match, with this guaranteed method, if the relevant market is available at the exchange on the selected match.

Using our real life example again from above, we could:

  1. Place our £20 back stake on Wolves to win the match at William Hill, the same as the other two methods.
  2. We would lay Wolves to score first at Matchbook or Next Goal – Wolves at Betfair (please note: this market is sometimes not available until the day of the match), for the sake of this example we will say that the odds for Wolves to score the next goal at Betfair are 2.68.

As you can see from the above calculator, we would make a guaranteed profit of £3.11 with this method.

If Wolves do not score first, but do win the match, then you will win both your back AND your lay bet, which would mean even more profit from this method.

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