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Best Odds Guaranteed (also known as BOGs) can be a nice little earner for matched bettors. This method is a great one to use alongside the Free Bet Clubs, Price Boosts and other horse racing offers.

What is Best Odds Guaranteed?

As you start advancing with matched betting, you will probably start gravitating towards horse racing a lot more. You will quickly realise that the horse racing markets are lot more fluid and that the odds move a lot quicker than they would on something like a football match.

Because of this, a lot of the bookmakers run a promotion called “Best Odds Guaranteed”. This is where you can bet on a horse at certain odds before the race starts, let’s say for example we’ve bet on a horse at odds of 4.0. If the starting price (SP) for that horse is higher when the race begins, for example the horse has moved from odds of 4.0 to 8.0, and the horse wins, the bookmaker will pay out at those increased odds.

Why is this good?

Let’s look at that above example again.

We’ve backed a horse at the bookies at odds of 4.0 for £10 and we’ve layed our same horse at odds of 4.1 at the exchange for £9.80 with a liability of £30.38. We’re looking at a loss here of around 38p. We’ll pretend this is a qualifying loss bet.

If the horse wins and the odds haven’t increased or the starting price is lower, then the bookmaker will pay us out at odds of 4.0, which is £40 including our £10 stake and we will pay out £30.38 for our liability at the exchange which will result in what we originally expected – a qualifying loss of around 38p.

However, let’s now pretend that the odds have moved to 8.0 at the start of the race and our horse wins. The bookmaker will pay us out at odds of 8.0 which is an £80 return including our £10 stake. But we still only pay out a liability at the exchange of £30.38 as the Best Odds Guaranteed rule doesn’t apply at the exchange. So in total we will have made a profit of £39.62. 

Bookmaker wins at increased odds of 8.0

Exchange pay out liability

Total profit


= – £30.38

= +£39.62

Not too bad for a bet you were prepared to take a small loss on, I’m sure you’ll agree!


How should I apply this strategy?

You don’t need to opt in to anything with the bookmakers, it will come up automatically on your bet slip if the bookmaker offers this promotion.

Best Odds Guaranteed is best used in conjunction with the following:

Free Bet Clubs – When you need to meet a certain criteria to qualify for the free bet clubs, let’s say £25 worth of bets in a week, then the BOG strategy is brilliant for this. It gives you the chance to potentially hit a BOG, look like a mug bettor punting on the races (good for longevity) and the QL’s can be pretty decent, and all the while guaranteeing yourself a free bet from the Free Bet Club.

Price Boost – William Hill have a particularly good offer in which you can make a small guaranteed profit with three price boosts on horse racing per day (max £20 each). You’ll make an even bigger profit if you happen to hit a BOG as well!

Horse racing refunds – A lot of the bookmakers will offer you a free bet if your horse loses and a particular horse of their choosing wins on certain meetings. However, if your horse happens to win and you’ve hit a BOG, then you’ll be quids in.

Which bookmakers offer Best Odds Guaranteed?

Most of the bookmakers offer Best Odds Guaranteed and it will normally be shown on your bet slip.

The best bookmakers for BOG’s are:

William Hill, Skybet, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, Coral, Betfred, Bet 365, Betway and many, many more.

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