bet365 and paddy power offer

Both Bet365 and Paddy Power run an extremely lucrative football offer called 2UP.

This offer has proved to be very popular with matched bettors as, once you have mastered it, it is so quick and easy to do. And the rewards can be massive.

To use this offer, you will need access to the Early Payout Calculator which is available with the Oddsmonkey subscription service.

What is 2UP?

The 2UP offer happens when you have a placed a bet on a team to win a football match (so not a draw or any other market) on an eligible game with Bet365 or Paddy Power.

If your chosen team goes 2 goals up within the match, Bet 365 or Paddy Power will pay out your bet straight away in full regardless if the game ends in a draw or the other team go on to win.

How do I benefit from this?

When placing your bet with the bookmaker for your chosen team, you will lay this off like normal at the exchange.

So if your team goes 2 goals up at the bookies and the payout has been confirmed, there are 2 options:

  1. Hope that the other team comes back and either draws or goes on to win the match. If this happens we win our back bet with the bookies and also our lay bet at the exchange. Which means big profits!


2. We can lock in a smaller profit straight away using the Early Payout Calculator and cashing out at the exchange once our payout at the bookies has been confirmed.

Real life example:

Let’s say we’ve found close odds on the game above for Tottenham to win. 

We would enter our stake, back odds, lay odds and our commission into the Early Payout Calculator. For this example, I will be using a £50 stake.

You can see from the calculator profit breakdown above that if the bet ran as normal, Tottenham didn’t go 2 goals up and the bookmaker has not paid out, we would be looking at a qualifying loss of 83p.

However, let’s have a look at what happens if Tottenham do go 2 goals up and the bookmaker has paid out.

Option 1 – Hope the other team makes a comeback:

If we look at the early payout section of the calculator, we’ll see there is a drop down menu after “Has the bookmaker paid out early?”. If we select YES we can see that the profit breakdown now has three different outcomes:

  1. Tottenham goes on to win the game – we lose 82p 
  2. Arsenal comes back and the game is a draw – We make £142.67 profit!
  3. Arsenal come back and win the game – We make £142.67 profit!

Not too bad for an 82p risk, I think you’ll agree.

Now, for the more risk averse there’s option 2.

Option 2 – Cash out early for a guaranteed profit:

If Tottenham have gone 2 goals up and the bookie has paid out early we will have a £93.50 return on our £50 back bet in our bookmaker account before the match has even finished, however we still have our lay bet running at the exchange.

What we can now do is “cash out” at the exchange. To do this we would need to go over to our exchange account and check what the BACK odds are for Tottenham to win the match. I have assumed in this example that the BACK odds are 1.6 at this point in the game.

I go back to the Early Payout Calculator and enter the exchange BACK odds of 1.6 as shown above and the calculator will work out the BACK stake that I would need to enter at the exchange. In this case it is £90.31.  So I would now place a BACK bet (not a LAY bet) on Tottenham to win at the exchange at odds of 1.6. By doing this I will lock in a profit of £53.36 and my overall liability at the exchange on this market will now be £40.14 no matter what the end result of the game.

To make it a bit clearer  – I will have made £93.50 profit at the bookies minus £40.14 liability at the exchange after cashing out which results in £53.36 profit overall, no matter what the result.


Key Tips

  • Try and go for a team that has odds of over 2.0, any lower than this and the cash out odds tend not to be worth it.
  • Try to keep qualifying losses to under £1.
  • If your team does go 2UP then it can be worth waiting to see if the other team come back with at least one goal, ie 2-1, before cashing out (depending how late in the game it is).
  • When cashing out, make sure you are looking at the BACK odds at the exchange rather than the LAY odds.
  • If you are looking to complete a 2UP offer on a match, you need to avoid having any other bets on the same match. This is because you will be unable to cash out if you have any other liabilities on the same match.
  • Wait until your early payout has been confirmed before cashing out at the exchange.
  • If you have an Oddsmonkey account, you can set up a filter on the oddsmatcher for close 2UP matches. This can also be set up to email you notifications of when close matches are available.
  • Please see below for eligible Football Leagues and Cups.

Bet365 Eligible Leagues/Cups: Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Championship, FA Cup, EFL Cup, Italian Serie A, Germany Bundasliga, Champions League, Europa League.

Paddy Power Eligible Leagues: Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Champions League.

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